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Tommy DeVito’s family is the best part of Giants-Patriots

Giants QB Tommy DeVito still lives with his parents, and they are living the dream at Giants-Patriots.

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito has become one of the most unlikely characters of the 2023 NFL season. DeVito was pressed into action after starting QB Daniel Jones went down with a torn ACL, and backup Tyrod Taylor suffered a rib injury. Now the 25-year-old rookie QB who went undrafted after five years at Syracuse and Illinois is starting for his hometown team, and has already led them to one win against the Washington Commanders a week ago.

DeVito grew up a Giants fan, and his family lives less than 10 miles from the team’s practice facility. DeVito still lives with his parents, and the whole family was in the stands on Sunday against the New England Patriots. DeVito and his family are about as New Jersey Italian as it gets, and they showed it before and during the game with the Pats.

After DeVito threw a first half touchdown pass, both DeVito and his dad were shown doing the pinched fingers, ‘chef’s kiss’ Italian hand gesture. Watch the video here:

The stills are even better:

DeVito’s family was also pumped before the game. This has to be a dream come true for his parents and all of his relatives. Just signing with the hometown Giants had to feel incredible. No one could have imagined DeVito actually starting games as a rookie, and he’s actually playing pretty well, all things considered.

Watch the pregame montage of DeVito’s family here:

Hey, I lived with my parents my first year out of college, too. DeVito is saving some money and living the dream right now. We can’t look away.