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Scott Hanson calmly finishes NFL RedZone broadcast after alarm caused evacuation

The NFL RedZone channel was interrupted by an alarm as employees were told to the evacuate building

The NFL RedZone channel is everyone’s favorite on Sundays, but the station endured a bizarre interruption during the end of the late afternoon slate in Week 12. As a loud alarm went off inside the studios, host Scott Hanson informed viewers workers at the station were asked to evacuate the building. The entire scene played out on live TV.

Hanson said he didn’t know what exactly the alarm was supposed to signal, but anyone watching RedZone could hear it. Hanson would eventually inform viewers that the alarm stopped and the situation was under control. Watch the clip of the alarm going off during the fourth quarter of the Buffalo Bills vs. Philadelphia Eagles game.

RedZone channel would switch to a montage of the top five plays of the week, followed by a montage of all 44 touchdowns scored on Sunday. With only the Eagles-Bills game still going, Hanson signed off the station for the day. The networks agreement states it can’t cut into a game if it’s the only live game going on.

Here’s a clip of Hanson explaining the situation with the alarm going off inside the studios.

Hanson let viewers know everything was okay while he waited for details on why the alarm was going off.

What a strange way for a fun afternoon slate in Week 12 to end. Protect NFL RedZone and Scott Hanson at all costs.