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Jordan Poole foolishly drains clock by forgetting NBA rules during Wizards comeback bid

Jordan Poole forgot how the game clock works

Jordan Poole in Washington is the greatest example of when you give a child the responsibility of watching the house for the first time. It could go smoothly, yes, but there’s also the chance they could burn down the house because they put a paper plate in the oven.

Poole and the Wizards have the second worst record in the Eastern Conference, and don’t play a shred of defense, but Poole is going to get his buckets, which has led to plenty of hilarious moments of shot-chucking and shenanigans. Against the Milwaukee Bucks, down 130-120, Poole was walking up the court with the ball rolling on the ground. A smart play, because the shot clock doesn’t start until he touches the ball.

However, what Poole didn’t know is that the game clock actually does start; it starts when the ball enters play. Poole accidentally drained valuable seconds off the clock by mistake when his team was running out of time to make a comeback bid.

I think the funniest thing about this play is Poole losing his mind over it, while everyone else on the court (including his own teammates) are just chilling because they know that this is a perfectly normal thing to happen in the NBA.

Poole did end up scoring on this play though, making a tough floater to get the deficit back down to single digits, though. Maybe it was all a distraction tactic to get the defense off their guard so he could go get a bucket. Poole is just thinking miles ahead of all us normal folks.

Poole finished the night with 30 points, one rebound and one assist as the Wizards lost 142-129, but buckets were had, despite not knowing how the game clock works. Just another day in the life of the funniest NBA team of all time.