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Gregg Popovich scolded fans for booing Kawhi Leonard into a live mic mid-game

Coach Pop stopped a Spurs game to yell at fans for booing Kawhi Leonard

Gregg Popovich grabbed a microphone during the second quarter of the San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers game on Wednesday night to scold the home fans for booing former Spurs star Kawhi Leonard.

“Can we stop all the booing and let these guys play?” Popovich said into a mic during the game. “It’s got no class, it’s not who we are. Knock off the booing.”

Spurs fans have booed Leonard any time he’s returned to San Antonio. Leonard helped the Spurs win a championship and was named 2014 NBA Finals MVP, but he requested a trade in 2018 following a long disagreement with the team over his injury rehab.

Watch the clip of Popovich scolding Spurs fans here:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coach do that in a game before. By the way, it sure feels like the booing only got louder after Coach Pop grabbed the mic.

Popovich doesn’t want the Spurs to be seen as a franchise with fans who will boo a former star, though Leonard’s departure certainly came under unique circumstances. Spurs fans can do what they want even if their legendary 74-year-old head coach doesn’t approve.

Spurs fans don’t need to live in the past anymore with a new superstar in town in Victor Wembanyama, but they sure do know how to hold a grudge.