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Draymond Green choked Rudy Gobert, and the memes, quotes, and jokes were amazing

The best memes, quotes, and jokes from Draymond Green choking Rudy Gobert

When NBA Commissioner Adam Silver first came up with the idea of the In-Season Tournament, he couldn’t have expected this.

By this, I mean the group play game between the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves turning into the Royal Rumble:

Keep in mind: this happened TWO MINUTES INTO THE GAME! They just tipped off and decided to start fighting. I respect it, honestly.

Warriors guard Klay Thompson, forward Draymond Green and Timberwolves forward Jaden McDaniels were all ejected for their parts in the rumble, while center Rudy Gobert was deemed a “peacemaker”. Gobert spoke about Draymond’s behavior at length in postgame.

Both sides of the scuffle believe that they’re in the right, which makes this entire thing so funny. Warriors coach Steve Kerr spoke about the fracas after the game, and let’s just say he was less than pleased.

But I’m sure you don’t want to hear any of that. You’re here for the memes. You’re here to see Draymond put his UFC training into action. So let’s get into the memes.

In a sport where you can go exactly zero days without drama, this felt like a climactic episode of an anime. Fights everywhere, ejections, rear naked chokes. They had it all, and it’s why the NBA is so funny.

Even Inside the NBA made jokes about it!

Everything is funny about this brawl, and it’s nights like yesterday’s brawl that remind us how great the people on that app are.