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Diontae Johnson quit on fumble recovery for Steelers vs. Bengals

Diontae Johnson didn’t even try to grab this loose ball.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an unlikely playoff contender despite having a negative point-differential, and one of the worst passing offenses in the NFL. On Sunday in Week 12, the Steelers knocked out the Cincinnati Bengals, 16-10, with Jake Browning playing at QB for the injured Joe Burrow. The Steelers’ offense finally clicked, finishing with 421 total yards, the first time they’ve crossed 400 in 59 games.

The Steelers still can’t play a normal game even when they win. Wide receiver Diontae Johnson went viral during the game for giving absolutely zero effort on a lost fumble. Johnson, who had gotten into an argument with teammate Minkah Fitzpatrick in the locker room a week earlier, has had a frustrating year in a lot of ways with his production way down. This now becomes his most infamous and embarrassing moment of the season. Watch the video here:

Here’s a better look at Johnson showing zero hustle to recover the loose ball:

Johnson responded to the play on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter after the game:

Johnson also sent this post.

The Steelers would be the No. 5 seed in the AFC if the 2023 NFL Playoffs started today. As the games get more important coming up, Johnson better get over whatever is bothering him and start playing his best football again.