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Cyber Monday: The worst sports items the internet has to offer

Happy Monday. Time to buy some garbage!

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It’s Cyber Monday, which is like a regular Monday but CYBER. It’s supposed to be the biggest day for online shopping, but we all do out shopping online anyway — so it’s just another great day of bargains.

Today we take a spin around the sports world to find the WORST gifts you could give people this holiday season at low, low prices. Some will be sad, some will be weird, but no matter what they still won’t be the worst thing you could find by Googling “sports” and “cyber” together, because that would be a photo of Brett Favre’s penis.

Patriots Olive 2022 Salute To Service Mac Jones Jersey

If there is anything the Patriots fan in your life wants this holiday season, it is surely this olive “Salute to Service” Mac Jones jersey from the 2022 season. It will remind them of just how ... interesting the 2022 was in New England, as well as the journey for New England’s young quarterback:

Angels Shohei Ohtani Jersey

Let’s face it, if you want to get the Angels fan in your life something special, get them a Shohei Ohtani Jersey.

So they can remember him as he plays his home games at Wrigley Field next season.

Boston Red Sox Home Jersey with Name

I am always stunned when I see this sold at various outlets:

The Red Sox are one of the few teams that do not feature a name on the back of their home jerseys. But hey, if you wanted to add that, go ahead.

A’s apparel with Oakland in it for your favorite A’s fan

This is either the worst or the best thing to get for an A’s fan right now. If they’re comfortable with the Las Vegas relocation, have at it. If they’re like me and pissed off about it, it’s probably not the best idea. Of course, “Oakland” apparel related to the A’s will quickly become vintage, so maybe there’s some value to be had. I don’t know for sure because right now it’s an open wound. — David Fucillo

Anything from Alfa Romeo F1

Alfa Romeo F1 is having a massive Cyber Monday sale, with up to 60% off selected items, such as this floral hat for the Mexico City Grand Prix, this rain jacket, and much much more.

All of this is great and the prices are incredible, but then you remember the team is rebranding under the Sauber title sponsorship for next season, so any gifts will be outdated in a few weeks.

On the flip side, with the rumored switch from AlphaTauri to “Racing Bulls” coming at Red Bull’s sister team, maybe grabbing some AlphaTauri gear at the moment is the play because, well, we are not quite sure about that new name ...

Any current Browns player’s jersey

Cleveland fans just don’t have good luck especially when it comes to the Browns. On top of that, there has been so much turnover on the roster that any active player’s jersey becomes a relic within a year or two. Since the return, the only stars to stick around for a decade are offensive linemen Joe Thomas and Joel Bitonio. Myles Garrett might be the safest bet but he just hurt his shoulder and could be out for the season by the time the jersey arrives.

The only jersey options are a historic Browns player or a personalized one for yourself, family member or friend. — Jared Mueller

This Washington Wizards pin featuring an angry pumpkin with bat wings eating a basketball

This is the PERFECT gift, I don’t care what anyone says. It’s dirt cheap, it’s hilarious, and nobody knows why it exists. The Wizards are already one of the funniest teams of all time — so why not commemorate this amazing season with a small metal pin which absolutely makes no sense ... just like the Wizards.

An old photo of Blake Bortles

For only $1.99 you can buy that special someone a photo of Blake Bortles on the Jaguars. I don’t know why you’d do it, but I can think of at least one person who would love this quality item.

A Houston Texans baby romper with Deshaun Watson’s number on it

I’m not sure what’s worse: That these still exist, or that somehow they’re the most popular romper on NFL Shop.

A coozie from Opening Day 2020 between the Twins and Athletics

I know we have an entire section here on A’s merch, but I think it’s pretty magical that this item still exists for sale.

Ah yes, if you want to remember the halcyon days of a shortened baseball season because of Covid then here’s your chance!