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Be the Flow (feat. Jaylen Brown & Donovan Mitchell)

I’m sure we all witnessed last week what was deemed by media an on-court "celebrity MMA match" (if you will). So it only made sense that we discussed the Warriors playoffs odds this week on top of how the reset of the NBA is shaking out amidst some crazy in-season tournament games. 

Most importantly, this week’s show features our interview with Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics and Donovan Mitchell of the Cleveland Cavaliers as the new torch-bearers for the upcoming wave of NBA players who are making a name for themselves both on and off the hardwood. 

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Jordan Poole took time to showboat and got his shot blocked into the stratosphere

Josh Hart drained a 3 after bouncing the ball off Jrue Holiday’s back like it was streetball

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Steph Curry questionable for Timberwolves game Tuesday

Kyle Kuzma forgets to play defense, steps out of bounds in latest Wizards collapse

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DarioWatch: is Dario Šarić Steph Curry’s only help?

Duncan Robinson froze Victor Wembanyama with a Smitty for a bucket

Jordan Poole blatantly ignored Wizards huddle and looked totally lost after timeout

Chris Paul dove at Mike Conley’s knees for another dirty play during Warriors-Wolves

The James Harden era is off to an awful start for Clippers

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On Tyrese Maxey’s 50-point night and how he ‘changes everything’ for Sixers

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The Mavericks have sacrificed first-quarter efficiency for fourth-quarter dominance

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Around the NCAAW Weekly: Wolfpack win highlights wild first week

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Steph Curry having to do most of the half-court legwork is an alarming trend

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Suns 4th quarter meltdowns coming too often; let’s break it down

Kelly Oubre hit by car, to miss ‘significant time’ for 76ers with broken ribs after hospital release

Broadcaster flames James Harden in epic halftime rant amid another horrible game

Jordan Poole’s 1-on-5, double spin cycle bucket is another Wizards gem

There is nothing minor about NBA G League travel complications

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Sixers send a (very early) message: We’re still here

‘Only Hawks-Fans’ is the new Atlanta Hawks freaky campaign

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Cade Cunningham’s development is all about doing more by doing less

Alex Caruso’s genius is being wasted on hopeless Chicago Bulls

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Taking stock of early season trends for the Atlanta Hawks

Giannis Antetokounmpo got ejected for the world’s softest taunting foul

Nikola Jokic is a work-life balance icon as an NBA mega star

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Why Austin Reaves’ on-ball growing pains are part of the process

Andre Iguodala and Matt Barnes go behind the scenes on their playoff body slam

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Breaking down why Mitchell Robinson deserves his flowers

The Wizards might be the funniest sports team of all time

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Anthony Edwards’ Heroics Against Celtics Stamped His Superstar Status

The Timberwolves’ young star delivered 38 points, nine rebounds, seven assists and a steal to lift Minnesota over Boston and cement his place in the league.

Timberwolves Brazil is the most unhinged sports account on the internet

Nikola Jokic surpassed LeBron James in career triple-doubles, and the numbers are mind-blowing